Apr 202011

My wife’s nephew is getting married tomorrow. We are the overflow hotel for family (it is exciting to finally be close enough to get this duty!) and the inn is full. Sunday is Easter and I have been asked to speak at the service. I need to start preparing. Life is just a bit hectic, but I wanted to leave you with a quick question and thought.

What do you do for a quick inspiration? What do you do for a quick, pick-me-up when your mood gets down?

I often turn to a few podcasts. Here are four that I keep on hand for those times when I just need a little boost.

Car Talk Okay, this isn’t really a podcast, but they make their weekly NPR radio show available on their website. It doesn’t matter how many times someone calls these two nut jobs about a funny smell coming from the heat vents, Ray and Tom will have a witty diagnosis and make it interesting. I use this show for general mood lifting. You can’t listen to these guys laugh for long without laughing along.

Manager Tools I listen to Manager Tools to get me excited about managing people again. When the team gets me down, my managers start driving me crazy or business is just not making any sense, I listen to Mark Horstman and Mike Auzenne. Their advice and all topics of management is spot on, broken down into actionable steps. I find the cast that I need specifically or just listen to the latest. Their companion podcast Career Tools is general career management advice and is just as good.

Stuff You Missed In History Class I have learned so much from this podcast. I love history and this is the perfect place for the history buff. Each episode focuses on a person or event in history and is explained in well researched detail. I love it. They have over 100 episodes and I have listened to most of them. One of the cool concepts is they will never run out of material! This podcast is great to get the mental juices running again and reminds me learning is fun.

Stanford’s Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders When I want to get excited about new businesses, starting a business or to catch the enthusiasm of an entrepreneur, this is the podcast I turn to. This is actually a class at Stanford. Each week they pull in a successful entrepreneur for a lecture and Q&A session. This gets me all excited about starting something new, looking at my current job in a new way or just plain making me excited about the future of the world. Their optimism is contagious. Catch it!

What do you do or listen to when life gets routine, difficult or boring? How do you get out of your funk? Please share!

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