Apr 302011

I could have sworn I filed an update already. Perhaps I chickened out because I didn’t have anything positive to report. But that’s no excuse. Part of discipline is owning your errors and problems and not just hiding them because no one is actively checking up on you.

It’s been a definite one-step-forward, two-steps-back situation with me lately. I further improved my planning tool by using the “Hipster PDA“. I now have a pocketful of halved 3×5 cards, each with a different task category on it, plus a few blank ones. It’s working quite well, as I can cross things off, add things to the list, and add notes for a few weeks, but I’m forced to consolidate and get a new card every so often.

Unfortunately, I then promptly fell off the wagon and hardly looked at my cards for several weeks. I thought about why and came to the conclusion that too many of my task items were actually projects and needed to be broken down into smaller, time-bound tasks. I also added a new card of “things I’ve got to do today or this week” so I have the more urgent items tagged.

I’m happy to say that I’m back on the wagon this week, and so far I’m being more productive again. As soon as I finish this post I can cross off another item, ending the day on a positive note. Excuse me, I have a planner to update.

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