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Dan first started studying productivity in Japan where he first heard of The Franklin Planner. After years and years of reading books, attending classes and trying every gadget he could get his hands on, he has a lot of experience of what works and what doesn’t. So, it must follow that Dan is super-organized and has the highest productivity of anyone in the office, right? Well, no. He is still in the hunt for perfect productivity like the rest of us. He has picked up a lot of interesting insights along the way.

Hobbies of Dan’s include reading books and woodworking. A few years ago, Dan started writing reviews of the books he read mainly so he could keep track of them all. The latest reviews are included on this site for your enjoyment and entertainment. Over the years, woodworking has taken up a lot of Dan’s time and budget. He has just about every tool imaginable, yet still finds more that must be purchased for every project. A few years ago, Dan discovered wood turning and it was love at first spin. He has found great enjoyment and peace from making pens, bowls, plates and vases.

What is next? His wife will attest he has more interests than time or money. Sailing, flying, traveling, money management, writing a couple of novels and model ship building top the list. Stay tuned to see if he finds a way to squeeze them in.

Dan lives in Highland, UT with his lovely wife and three children. By day he is an IT project manager. By night? Well, Batman can rest assured he will not have competition anytime soon.

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